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  • Strategies of An Asian American Filmmaker Blog Post
    By: Consuelo Fajota

    The article is a presentation of thoughts of an Asian American filmmaker, Loni Ding, on the common stereotyping of Asians in the field of filmmaking. In the Strategies Of An Asian American Filmmaker (1991), Loni Ding discusses the components of creating an Asian documentary as well as the potential hardships and obstacles that many Asian American filmmakers face. Ding’s article also allows us ...
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  • Hines Ward, Jr. is a Hero
    By: Claire Bretana

    Ladies and gentlemen, meet Hines E. Ward, Jr. He's the MVP of last year's Superbowl XL, currently playing as a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hines was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 8, 1976 to a Korean mother and African American father. recently, he has become an advocate for ethnic minorities in South Korea. His football career began during high school when he played as q ...
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  • An alternative to illegals
    By: Guy Hogue
    News Source:

    Most of us struggling to keep factories running back in the 1970's saw the need for a steady supply of immigrants. Politics had upset a balance between supply and demand for labor. We knew a nation offering young Americans comfortable alternatives to work could not compete in world markets. Over intervening years, political errors continued to restrict legal immigration. Illegal immigrants p ...
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  • In This Chinatown, Chinese Is Just a Start
    By: Home Front
    News Source:

    CHINATOWN is not the biggest Chinatown in New York City. That distinction belongs to the one in Flushing, Queens, which surpassed the Chinatown in Manhattan as home to the nation’s largest Chinese population east of the Rocky Mountains a few years back. Of course, it is not just the Chinese who have revitalized the once-faded commercial center. Koreans, Indians, Pakistanis, Salvadorans ...
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  • Asian Work Ethic - Fact or Fluff?
    By: Henry Astorga
    News Source: Asian Business Strategy and Street Intelligence Ezine

    Asians, whether by design or circumstance, have occupied a glorified and respectable role in the growth and development of the USA going back before its founding as a nation, through the conquering of space in the 20th century, to developing the latest generation of microchip in this new millennium. The motivation that drove Asians to the US can be traced to the good old American tales of im ...
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  • American clients running away from call centers with heavy Indian accent
    By: Kiran Chaube
    News Source:

    American today do not like receiving calls from India because they have a feeling that Indians and the Indian companies are unfairly taking away jobs from American economy. What Indian firms are doing is very good for the American companies outsourcing from India but equally bad for the common people of America. Is the heavy Indian accent prompting a major US outsourcing firm to slash its I ...
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  • Indonesia tells investors their money is safe
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source:

    Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Indonesian Justice Minister Hamid Awaluddin said the new government is overhauling the legal system and will improve investment procedures in a bid to draw $150 billion to build power plants, roads and other projects. ``Legal certainty and legal predictability is here and will be here,'' Awaluddin told investors on the final day of a two- day conference on developing ...
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  • Indonesians deal with economic devastation
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source:

    BANDA ACEH, Indonesia - Herey Warmadi survived last month's tsunami by climbing to the roof of his motor parts shop. Now tears spring to his eyes at the memory of filthy water and muck filling the place where he earned his living for 42 years. Asked how he will get by, he was at a loss to say. "I only count on the money in my pockets," he replied. Beyond the horrific toll it too ...
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  • California Dreaming
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source: The New Zealand Herald

    The bright lights of Hollywood lured Mona Porotesano from Apia 30 years ago. It wasn't that she wanted to be a film star. Rather, she felt a familiarity with California, a destination coveted by many other Pacific Islanders in search of a better life. "I was a movie-goer back home, so it was like I knew Hollywood." Porotesano tells her story as she takes the Weekend Herald for a t ...
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  • Asian Tsunamis provide classic case to revise US Civil Defense
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source: eMedia Wire

    Humanitarian Disaster Points to Need for Targeted Preositioning of Emergency Relief Operations: Citizen Assembly Vital to American Response / Preparedness Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) January 13, 2005 -- Ron Hunter, author of the Civil Defense Process, Civilization Continuity,, said today that “The 2005 Christmas Tsunamis shows the critical need for A high tec ...
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