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  • Personality: A Big Factor for People Over 40 in the Workplace and in Search for Jobs
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Jobs and Career News for People Over 40 Blog

    Much has been written about how people over 40 can remain longer in their jobs once they hit the so-called “gray-ceiling,” or how mature workers can help themselves in their search for jobs if they happen to be out of work. Most of these written materials focus on skills development or upgrade and work performance. However, beyond your skill set, personality can play a big part in whethe ...
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  • Older Workers, Young Veterans: 1st Batch of the Job Readiness Program for the “long-term unemployed”
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Jobs and Career News for People Over 40 Blog

    The Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) will launch the first local class of the popular Platform to Employment (P2E) program, a unique and ambitious curriculum that specifically targets the needs of workers who have been struggling with unemployment for six months or more. “Two demographic groups who often find themselves in this category of long-term unemployed are workers over age ...
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  • Generational Conflict
    By: Greg Gerber, Ground Support Co
    News Source: Ground Support

    Never before have four vastly different generations of people been forced to work together, especially with such extreme differences in culture. There is always some generational conflict, ask any parent. But talk to any manager who must supervise people ranging in age from 20 to 70 and if they’re not pulling out their hair, it’s because they’ve lost it all already. American culture fe ...
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  • Use It or Lose It: Maintain Your Competitive Edge As You Age
    By: Roger Seip
    News Source: GoArticles

    If you believe that accelerated loss of your mental acuity is inevitable with age, and that the loss of your competitive edge is certain to accompany that memory loss, you're not alone. But you are wrong. Age does have some effect on memory, but it's not an especially significant factor. Nonetheless, people tend to use their age as an excuse for poor or weakened performance. In fact, the oppos ...
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  • Recruiters value older workers
    By: RCSA
    News Source: Diversity@Work

    A survey conducted by the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA) on recruiters' attitudes toward older workers found that recruiters are increasingly appreciating the skills and experience of older workers for reasons beyond skills shortages. The majority of those surveyed agreed that the benefits of recruiting older workers include their: * Lower rates of turnover; * Hig ...
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  • Over 40? What is most important to you?
    By: Craig Nathanson, The Vocationa
    News Source: GoArticles

    I doubt that anyone will run up to you on Monday morning at work and ask you what is most important to you. Organizational life is concerned with productivity, revenue and efficiency. What's most important to you and your life are of little value or concern in the organization. What do you do? You need to figure this out. Your behavior is driven by what you do and more importantly w ...
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  • New Jobs, Older Workers
    By: Christopher Jones
    News Source: Yahoo! HotJobs

    A tough job market can be especially tough for older job seekers, who even in boom times report rampant age discrimination. "I am aware that my age is an obstacle," says Frank Jones, 61, who works in the insurance industry. "But, I don't bring it up." Labor market analysts argue, however, that age is an issue the country must address. By 2030, 20 percent of the U.S. po ...
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  • The Golden Years -- At Work?
    By: Ellen Hoffman
    News Source: Yahoo! Finance

    On my desk is a pile of recent surveys and studies that purport to be about retirement. Yet when I open them up and actually read them, the main issue they seem to address is working - "in retirement." If you've been reading BusinessWeek or any other mainstream financial publication, you know that a substantial number of baby boomers anticipate that their retirement, at least in t ...
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  • The new rules of ageing
    By: India Knight
    News Source: The Sunday Times - Review

    I used to love the idea of being old — healthy-old, not decrepit-old, or, God forbid, care-home old — and looked forward to it tremendously. I had it all planned out: I was going to run a pub-cum-bookshop somewhere near the sea, with rooms, so that friends could come and stay, and lock-ins every night. I was going to spend my days pottering about, drinking gin, cooking pub food, learning ...
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  • Social changes slow hiring rates
    By: Joseph M. deLeon, News-Post St
    News Source: The Frederick News-Post

    FREDERICK -- Slow population growth, an aging workforce and culture clash are among the problems Frederick County employers must overcome to remain competitive. These obstacles may have contributed to the dip in hiring while leading to a shortage of skilled workers, according to Lisa Coblentz, spokeswoman for the staffing agency Manpower. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the fertility r ...
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  • You are approaching retirement - yet, you wish to continue working...what are your options?
    By: Tali Nizic
    News Source:

    You held a senior management position in Finance, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, etc for the past many years. You are now a few months away from the mandatory retirement age at your company. Although your retirement income will be more than sufficient to sustain your current life style, you are not ready to say good-bye to the corporate world, so what would some of your options be and ...
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  • Older (Often Unhappy) Workers Share Their Opinions
    By: Thomson Media
    News Source: The Credit Union Journal

    The Conference Board has released a new survey that reveals somewhat discouraging findings: Americans are working longer, even though most don't want to and their employers wish they wouldn't. According to the newly released report, 68% of older workers (those 50 and above) are staying in their jobs longer due to economic reasons. But their decision to continue working well into their retire ...
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  • High Desert employers tout experience, reliability in older work force
    By: Anna Sowa / The Bulletin
    News Source:

    Redmond Greenhouse owner Doug Stott speaks highly of his baby boomer employees - not just because he's one, too. "They're just good workers, in part because of their dedication and because they're driven by their passion," said Stott, 55. "In our business, a lot of the nature of our work falls under the passion department." His roughly 15-member staff consists of four ...
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  • Jobs And Over Aged Applicants
    By: Maxwell Hurst
    News Source:

    Though some employers would prefer a younger workforce, the older applicants still have a wide variety of career choices to choose from. Employers are starting to see the potential of older and much-experienced applicants as can be seen by the statistics below: * In Australia, Bureau of Statistics showed that between the period of August of 1989 to that of August of 2003, the workforce aged ...
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  • Working To Fix Our Fiscal Woes
    By: C. Eugene Steuerle
    News Source:

    Work may be a four-letter word to some citizens in slow-growing Western European economies, but Americans know better. So do Frenchmen ranging from de Tocqueville to France's current interior minister, who have both touted the U.S. work ethic. Ironically, projections about how much Americans will work are now at the heart of worries about emerging crises in U.S. public finances -- whether go ...
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  • Increasing work at older ages could ease the aging crisis.
    By: Urban Instiute
    News Source: Urban Institute

    One way of relieving the economic pressures of an aging society would be to encourage workers to delay retirement. By working longer, people produce additional goods and services that can raise their living standards and generate tax revenue that help cover the costs of retirement and other government programs. Working longer also enhances financial security in old age, enabling people to accum ...
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  • How to reassure bosses who are too young to be boomers
    By: Jane M. Lommel, Ph.D., Preside
    News Source: Brave New Work World

    More and more studies of Baby Boomers are coming to the same conclusion: Boomers will not be retiring en masse when they turn 65. Because of better health, longevity, and stamina, close to 80% of the 77 million Boomers have indicated that they want to be mentally engaged and still earning well into their 70's and even into their 80's. However, even though longer employment is becoming more c ...
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  • Valuing the mature worker
    By: Phillip M. Perry, Contributing
    News Source: Industrial Distribution

    Employers are finding that mature workers have become an essential commodity. Not long ago, many employers looked askance at older workers, figuring they lacked the drive and imagination of their youthful cohorts. And besides, went the reasoning, younger people would work for less money. Times are changing. Most businesses today are starting to view the mature worker as an essential commo ...
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  • Where's the Passion for Work? It's in Workers Over 55!
    News Source:

    Major New Survey of the American Workforce Shows: * Inspired 'mature' workers: the most engaged and willing to put forth extra effort; * Dissatisfied 'young' workers: burned out, looking to make a change; * 'Mid-career' workers: toiling more and enjoying it less Mature workers 55 and over are more likely to say their organization inspires the best in them than are ...
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  • Job Search and the Mature Worker
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source: Opportunity NOCs

    Mature workers - job seekers who are aged 45 and older - face particular advantages and challenges in their search for a new position. If you are a job seeker "of a certain age" you may find yourself needing to combat the negative stereotypes that are associated with age. On the other hand, strategic, informed employers seek candidates who will offer the best skills to get the job ...
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  • Boomer Bust; They're changing how America Retires
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source:

    DETROIT - (KRT) - Is the coming retirement of the baby boom generation a demographic time bomb for the nation's workplace? Many futurists think so. They warn that employers are unprepared to lose the boomers, those 76 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 who have changed society, for better or worse, at every step of their lives. Boomers make up a third or more of the nation's work ...
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