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  • What The Nation Needs Are Leaders Who Build Up People
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Yahoo Finance News

    News say that Donald Trump recently ridiculed a reporter from the New York Times at a South Carolina rally for the reason that the said reporter "failed to corroborate the Republican presidential candidate's claim that Muslims in New Jersey cheered the toppling of the World Trade Center." In an update to that, another Yahoo news also say that 'Trump started to launch an all-out att ...
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  • People with Disabilities Deserve A Just, Equal Pay
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Huffington Post

    The opinion article advocates for the passing of TIME, Transitioning to Integrated and Meaningful Employment Act for the benefit of people with disabilities. TIME was introduced by Congressman Gregg Harper in January of this year, and it seeking to responsibly phase out the use of Special Wage Certificates under Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that would facilitate the ...
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  • Implications of the New Minimum Wage for Disabled Workers
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Jobs and Career News for the Disabled

    Finally, President Obama has signed an executive order that raises the current minimum wage of $7.25/hour to $10.10 for low-wage workers under federal contract, to be effective on January 1st, 2015, and this includes disabled workers. However, this has caused much concern for advocates of disabled workers as it was not originally intended that people with disabilities working under federal ...
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  • When commercials 'Keep it real': The rise of realistic advertising
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Marketplace

    It is reported in this article that a recent Swiffer TV commercial featured a man with only one arm, and more interestingly, he appeared with his real family in the same ad. First, the article points out that though disabled persons may have appeared in other mainstream ads, likewise with war veterans, paralympians and the elderly, this particular Swiffer commercial featuring a real person ...
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  • any name job title or keywords type the zip code, city name or region Employing People with Disabilities Brings Overall Good
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Jobs and Career News for the Disabled

    Not many people may be aware, but hiring disabled people makes good business sense and more. What is good about hiring people with disabilities? Will they able to do their jobs well? Are there more benefits than risks for employers? Let us take a look at some observations. People with developmental disabilities have built a reputation as hard-working and dedicated employees who take pride i ...
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  • Meeting special needs in Lebanon
    News Source: Christian Aid

    Meeting special needs in Lebanon /08.08.06 Losing your home and being forced to flee from aerial bombing is terrifying enough for the physically fit, healthy and able-bodied. But for wheelchair users, and people suffering from chronic conditions like epilepsy, the trauma is multiplied. How much more of a challenge is it to be displaced from all you know? To be without your medication in a ...
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  • Changing the world for the handicapped
    By: Campbell Brown, Correspondent,
    News Source: MSNBC

    Eunice Kennedy Shriver's efforts to help the handicapped circles the globe POTOMAC, Md. - What begins as a home filled with photos of presidents and politicians quickly becomes an inviting family portrait. After all, family has always inspired Eunice Kennedy Shriver. In speaking up about her mentally disabled sister, Rosemary, she addressed discrimination and inequality. “ ...
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  • More than 50 million Americans report some level of disability
    News Source:

    About 18 percent of Americans in 2002 said they had a disability, and 12 percent had a severe disability, according to a report released on May 12, 2006 by the U.S. Census Bureau. Among people with disabilities, more than half of those 21 to 64 years old had a job, more than 4-in-10 of those ages 15 to 64 used a computer at home and a quarter of those age 25 to 64 had a college degree. &quo ...
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  • Working With The Disabled
    By: Lydia Ramsey
    News Source:

    Since Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, people who previously had limited or no access to public places now move about with a degree of ease in the workplace. While these people have their challenges with sight, hearing or movement, those who work with them are often confused about how to interact them with sensitivity and understanding. Here are some of the issues ...
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  • Patt Morrison: Ex-cons need not apply
    By: Pat Morrison
    News Source:

    Why should a prison past keep someone from punching a time card? BELIEVE IN the American credo, do you? Second chances, bootstraps, clean slate, all that? Good for you. I do too. Let's see whether you still do after reading this. A vast class of men and women — maybe 13 million of them — live under an unbreakable glass ceiling. They committed a crime, and they helped to put that ceili ...
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  • Students film blasts portrayal of disabilities
    By: Bill Reed from The Gazette
    News Source: The Gazette, Colorado Springs

    Benjamin Snow doesn’t want your pity. Don’t call him "poor little guy." Please don’t call him "wheelchair-bound." And, please, please, don’t tell him he was touched by an angel. Snow, 19, of Woodland Park just won a national contest with his short film, "Thumbs Down to Pity." The minute-long movie attacks Hollywood’s tendency to heap pity on disable ...
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  • Aphasia affects ability to communicate
    News Source: The Daily Press

    Some people have heard of aphasia, but would be unable to define it or describe how someone with aphasia is able to communicate. It has been estimated that one million Americans or one in 250 people have acquired aphasia. Aphasia may occur in persons of any age, sex or race. Vocation and education are not determining factors. A simple definition of aphasia is an acquired communication disord ...
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  • Why Let A Disability Limit Your Mobility?
    By: Tim Talbot
    News Source: iSnare Articles

    For those of use who are able to walk around on our own, it's difficult to imagine the challenges facing those with a disability. We take for granted the simple act of traveling by car. Unfortunately for those with a disability, getting in and out of their vehicle is not their only challenge. Storing the wheelchair in their car becomes an immediate concern. For those with limited mobility, a ...
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  • My Brother Is Not His Disability
    By: Colgan Leaming
    News Source: Newsweek

    Kevin has Down syndrome. But to me and my family he’s entirely normal. ...
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  • Turning the tables
    By: Claire Jennings
    News Source:

    I suppose most people wouldn't see waitressing as anything to get excited about but having been blind since I was 14, I had put rushing around a restaurant with plates of hot food in the same unobtainable job bracket as brain surgery and cabbie! However, because Dans le Noir serves its food in the total darkness, blindness is an advantage, which makes a refreshing change. ...
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  • Diversity dialogue can be stymied : Many stumble over correct words to say
    By: Gannett News Service
    News Source: Poughkeepsie Journal

    ROCHESTER — Valda Boyd Ford recalled a friend who was fearful of speaking before a group of Cuban doctors. His concern: Should he call them Hispanic or Latino? "I told him he was given a clue," said Ford, while speaking at the Diversity 2006 Conference, which attracted about 400 people to the Riverside Convention Center last week. "If you go down there and say, 'Hi doc,' ...
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  • Parents bringing governments to court over clawback
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source: Timmins Times

    The National Child Benefit Supplement was introduced in 1997 to prevent and reduce child poverty, giving families with annual incomes under $22,615 approximately $115 per child per month. However, the 1997 agreement between the federal, provincial and territorial governments required that the amount of the NCBS be deducted from the families on social assistance, cutting the most vulnerable ...
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  • Ohio River gets angry in high water
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source:

    Reid Stewart works 28 days on the boat, 14 days off. During high water like this, he encounters additional obstacles such as branches, logs and tires, any of which can damage the boat's gears and rudder. On the current trip, the boat was delayed for days by fog on the Mississippi, and later by high water on the Ohio that allowed for insufficient clearance of Cincinnati's bridges. "If yo ...
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  • Ask Us
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source:

    Disabled and working Q: If a person is drawing a permanent disability check every month, can the person still go out and get a full-time job? A: A trial work period of up to nine months allows disabled persons to test their ability to return to work, said Gary Viers, district manager for the Social Security Administration office in Mason City. The trial work period continues until you ...
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  • Volunteer Army
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source: The Comet.Net

    2005 is the Year of the Volunteer, aimed at encouraging people to help their communities. There will be a special week at the beginning of June and themes include environment, sport, disability, youth, citizenship and animals. This week The Comet marks the year by looking at the work of just a few of the hundreds of volunteers in the area who give their time and expertise to help others. A v ...
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